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Taxis /

Public transportation 

App Design

Quick Implementation

Mechanical Problems 

Fuel Consumption

Accident Alert

Driving Habits

Modernize.  Add Value.  Improve profit.


Total Control

efficiency / speed

  • Fuel performance per unit.

  • Fuel performance per driver

  • Driving habits vs client satisfaction

  • Units concentrations per area and demand

  • Clients served

  • Idle time 

  • and more


total vision

Our cameras system can generate confidence for any passenger or driver of public transport.  It can be used in case of evidence in accident or safety event.



By modernizing public transportation with Telematics we help to:


Find problems that can help us improve air quality.

Improve routes through demand analysis in real time.

Inform users about the arrival of their next bus or vehicle.

Understand which vehicles need maintenance.

And more...

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