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Fuel Savings

with real time data

Mechanical Problems

There are many mechanical problems that are related with fuel consumption. Not addressing them on time could result on more spent on fuel.  Understanding in real time the health of your units will secure that they provide the best possible performance.



Hard acceleration for little as they seem can have a big effect on fuel as well as speeding events.  We can help you understand how those driving habits affect your consumption and how to take proper actions within your fleet, so you can save money.

Fuel / Fleet 


Our system has the ability to integrate information to your fleet management card so we can verify that the vehicle was there when fuel was dispensed and if the fuel efficiency matches their reports.  Prevents Fuel depth.


Control your fleet with the latest available technology

Each of your vehicles computer on your fleet will comunícate in real time with our fleet management system.

Real time information as you had never before imagined.

  • Mechanical problems

  • Engine ON/OFF

  • Accident Alerts

  • Hard Accelerations

  • Harsh braking

  • Sharp turns

  • Speeding

  • Idle Time

  • Fuel consumption

  • CO2 emissions

  • Maintenance needs

  • Geofences

  • Abnormal time use

  • Average speed 

  • and much more\


Don't find yourself in the middle of the road

connect with our network

Repair Shops. Hundreds of shops nationwide at your reach. Pay fixed tariffs, feeling confident that you will be paying a fare rate.  You will learn what preventive maintenance really means.
Insurance companies.  Improve your driving habits, reduce accident rate and enjoy better premiums.


Live Stream Video

Technology allows you to look in real time a video within your fleet when you need to.  Check in real time what is happening around your fleet or vehicle, either inside the cabin or on the road.

In case of an accident video is automatically sent to give you the opportunity to understand what happened.

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