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OBD2 device

3G GSM device with 6 axis accelerometer. The OBD2 chipset  works at 12 & 36 v (passenger and commercial fleet), can read mechanical problems and information straight from the vehicle computer (ECU).


SAE J1850 PWM SAE J1850 VPW ISO 9141-2 ISO 14230-4 ISO 15765-4 SAE J1939 SAE J1587/J1708


  • GSM / GPS / OBD in one device

  • Engine mechanical problems

  • Driving Habits

    • Harsh Braking

    • Hard Acceleration

    • Speeding

    • Fatigue Driving

    • Idle time

    • Cornering

    • Crash Detection

  • Fuel consumption

  • C02 Emissions

GPS Tracker

  • Trip statistics and real time vehicle tracking

  • Engine on/off, door opening alarm

  • SOS Alarm, cut engine relay, speeding alerts, fatigue driving and much more.

  • Highly scalable.  On board phone, digital camera, temperature sensor and much more...

GPS tracking device designed for any type of vehicle   from passenger to commercial vehicles, public transportation or bikes.  

You can add accessories such as:

  • OBD2 Systems for mechanical problems

  • Driving Habits

  • RFID driver identification

  • Cut Engine

  • Camara

  • Panic Button

  • Microphone

  • Fuel sensor

Moto Track

Small tracking system designed for motorcycles. It is a compact system, water and dust resistance (IP54), It supports QUAD frequencies.

Device has an accessory to safely cut power to the engine if it is stolen.

  • High sensibility SRIF GPS chip

  • Engine ON/OFF detection

  • Trip statistics

  • Low Voltage Alerts

  • Geofence and speeding alerts

Planet Halo - Dashcam

Camera + GPS +  G-Sensor

First HD cámara that transmits live stream data per demand.  You can be alerted if someone hit and run, and have it on tape, or register any vandalism event.

  • Improve driving habits

  • Monitor your units

  • An always active witness

  • Records vandalism, crashes and more

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