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Manage Risk

This is a very powerful tool that will help you understand better risk, evaluate driving profiles, monitor progress and take proper actions to avoid accidents. 

  • Driving Habits

  • Volume of driving

  • Time driven

  • Cluster driving

  • Average Speed

Driving Habits

Small changes in the way you drive can bring big savings to any company, helping in fuel consumption and avoiding accidents.

Less accidents means less expenses, less repairs, less lost time and no deductibles.   It also contributes in having safer roads in your community.

Added Value

Added Value Services

Our devices provide the tools that insurance need to provide value added services for your clients.

·       Proactively send  help in case of emergency or car breakdown.

·       Mechanical problem alerts to avoid unnecessary expenses.

·       Alliances with repair shops so they can obtain better rates and service.

Insurance & Technology

Use our technology to provide a better service to our clients while you reduce accident rate and they improve their operation.

Fleet Telematics.  Help your clients improve their driving habits and avoid accidents.

PHYD y PAYD.  Have your fleet clients pay as they drive or how the drive. Create new products for them.

Habitos de manejo
Valor agregado

Theft and vandalism

Technology today allows you add cameras to your vehicles so they can register unfortunate events, such as theft or hit and run, even if you are not there.

We have live streaming video capability to send automatically the information when an unfortunate event is registered

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